Time within the unbroken strand of forever concept love.

(another rambling)

If we were really, really ready, ready; then all we would need to do is wait, watch, and pray until His return and when He comes to us. Then He would come and fill our hearts with such love and take us all away. If we were really ready, He would be ready too. All of the timings that are off will be reset by his spiritual chronometer. All of the trap doors in time would be shattered by the blows of His love. Immortality waits like a creature behind the door of salvation. Ready to engulf you once you make your decision. The keys that were still hot from the pits of hell and were jangling in his hand, but they seem now to hang on a forgotten hook in sub-basement five in Heavens locker rooms. Have we lost them? They are really doing nothing for us at this moment. Or is it that we need to possess them? I think that sounds selfish. Why not ask Him to release His mighty war host now? Oh, we're not ready yet. . . Time ticks away. I shouldn't judge my self importance on how ever many smiles I get in a day. Or should I? No, Jesus smiles on me and I love him like no other. He is my one true friend to the end. He is all the time I need and also all the love. I know it's true that he loves all mankind the same, and that he is no respecter of persons. Although, sometimes I want to think that we have our own little thing going. I really don't need anything else but his persuading nature to affect my life. Is it wrong to love others as much as you love God? Jesus died for man, not for the other parts of the God-head. Jesus said that whatever you do to the least of these you do it unto me. I'm talking perfect love of course. Hmmm. I will accept Gods judgment. But, I lust after his mercies. Is it wrong to lust after the Lord? To be jealous after Him? I just want to know him more. To be as much like him as possible. Well, that's what Lucifer wanted too. I just want to do what God says. I seek after Him as for water in a dry and thirsty land. I really care of nothing else except for Him and His people. So much so it hurts sometimes. My passion tears away at me like hungry wolves.
Yes Lord, yes.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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