against the rage (inspired by Powder J)

click click went the gloc
click click went my brain
try to put this all together
cause it's driving me insane

i think about livin
i think about death
how am i supposed to live
when you hold that to my chest

you think you got power
you think you got skills
how you feel now
when i got your dolla bill

oh sure you got rhythm
oh sure you got time
some rhyme on a dime
and then blow a whole line

i cant see them walkin
like the dead in their sleep
no peep like sheep
if you know what i mean

so click cliick mr scholar
click click mr brain
all your silly notions
with no need to explain

how you gonna feel
and how you gonna act
you know that this is real
and you know it to a fact

so click click powder j
click click pauly hart
all the homies want some
butt do they do their part?

and how to feel now
sitting large on isound
guess i'll keep on doin
if i'm shot and underground

and what am i to do
when all i see is fools
click click went the pen
click click i'm the tool

-pauly hart
saturday, october 15th 1:12PM

Copyright 2005 by Pauly Hart

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