By your providence

By your providence, we are made holy. By your might, we are proved worthy. With your joy we contract your holiness. By your will we find ourselves as one with you. Keeping our conscience void of guilt, keeping our feelings free from hurt. With one voice we shout triumphantly throughout the land that you reign victoriously. Trembling at His word, realizing your quick sword, I show you my fear, respect and reverence, all that you justly deserve anyway. You desire due honor from all men, but you do not force yourselves upon us. I know I need never want anything, because you are my chief shepherd. My Father in Heaven knows what I need even before I ask. But when I do have want, I make my petitions made known unto the most high. Halleluyaweh! Is it not you that sit upon the throne? Who else would or could I turn to? Why do I ever turn to anyone else? I am a slothful sluggard lizard! I need to turn to the one who birthed me! How he loves me! Lord, I repent of my not trusting in you. Forgive me and turn me not to your left. Accept my broken heart daddy. Thanks.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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