Captivity freed in death

How it fully seems to be the beginning of my life. I see and hear and smell and taste all there is despite... my captivity, which now seems like a welcome thing compared to the death I must face before I am freed. "I'm Human!" I scream! But it's just a blur, a kick in yearning. They won't listen, they are deafened with reason, lies, hate. They don't see me for who I am. They don't and they won't. But, I still love them. I don't love them for what they do, but rather, for who they are. I just don't understand? Why can't I be free like they are? I'm innocent! I've never faced a jury for my alleged crimes! Crimes? The only crime I've committed is my existence! I'm not a criminal, I'm an offering. A ritual sacrifice in the name of convenience and in the name of free choice. You see, I may be young, but I've got choice too! But no one can hear me. I am powerless in this struggle. Because if my mother chooses death for me, I can't refuse. I love her. Who am I to say that she's wrong? I only wish she loved me too. I'm a part of her! But she's much wiser than I.

But oh, how I covet the life of the free! They say that life is a fragrance, smelt and then gone. No one has smelled me. I should be a flower. But I'm a forgotten weed. Someone nobody wants to think about. Why God? Why? I know you love me! Don't you? Oh please don't turn your back on me too! I know that no one really hates me... Thy are just confused, mixed up. Things may not be well with me, but they can always get better with them! Where's my daddy? I wish I could see his face... I want to thank him for this small glimpse of life he has given me. I love him. I just don't understand... I guess I must have done something wrong. I've been bad. I'm sorry. I really am. I tried to be good, but I guess I wasn't. I love you.


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