So you want to go to heaven? I think everyone dreams about leaving this life with all the struggles and pain and uncertainties, to spend the rest of eternity in total bliss. We all dream of hanging out on little fluffy clouds playing harps all day, right? How can you be totally sure that you'll go? Well, let me start by saying that there is only one way to get there and simply being good just doesn't cut it.

Humans strive for fulfillment in their lives through a variety of ways. people think - If I only had more money or, if I were only more educated. I'll be a better person if I go to church more or if I do more good things for people and the world. Although these things are all fairly important in this life, none of these things will earn you a ticket past the pearly gates. Actually, nothing you do can get you into heaven. Does that surprise you? The Bible says in Matthew 19:26 that it is completely impossible for man to save himself (essentially meaning get into heaven), but with God all things are possible. God wants us to trust him, and he wants us all to spend eternity with him, but he doesn't want to force us to make that decision. He created us all with the freewill to choose for ourselves and unfortunately a lot of people choose to turn their backs on God; they want to do it their way. Look, No one is perfect; we were created that way. Everyone makes mistakes and God isn't out to exterminate us all when we do. God forgives mistakes and wants to help us become what we were meant to be. God loves you dearly like a mother loves a child, in fact, if we accept him, He calls us his kids.

The Bible says that the only way to become God's kids and get into heaven is through Jesus. John 14:6 says that he is the way and the truth and the life, and that no one can reach God except through him. Jesus is God's son but, he came to earth to live with people and experience the pain and struggles of everyday life. Jesus was human but at the same time he was completely perfect. He went around healing the sick and teaching us about God. He did many miracles including exorcisms and bringing people back from the dead. Jesus was crucified when he was 33 years old and died a horrible death even though he never did anything wrong. the important thing is that after he had been dead three days, God brought him back to life.

Christ died so that the world could have a chance to know God and be brought closer to him, but we must individually receive him as our Savior and Lord. there is nothing to pay. It's like you're holding the most valuable gift certificate you've ever had. Now its your choice - Will you accept the gift? We must choose to believe that Jesus can save us and give us eternal life. Jesus loves you and will accept you no matter what kind of person you are (we're all human, right?), but He also expects you to change and turn from the wrong things you do. trust in Jesus always. He will always be with you, helping you to change and to live your new life. Be prepared to begin living your life for God instead of the self-centered life that the world teaches. This could prove to be a real adventure.

So, you can trust God to teach you, protect you and provide for your needs, and He will call you his own child. you will find that you have a new purpose for living as you begin to discover God's plan for your life. You are promised an eternal future with him in heaven, and the word "love" will take on a new meaning. You have new responsibilities now. God expects you to follow Him, obey Him, serve Him, read your Bible and pray to Him. Above all, he expects you to love Him and trust Him.

OK! Now you are ready for heaven! Oh, and by the way, I don't really think that we sit around playing harps all day, I'm sure that it will be much... much more than that.

Written by Michele Hart
Used with permission

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