Near You / Traveled

How far before we have flown together
How far again we shall meet then never
For time is as time does and so it shall be
And time thinks as time was we let it then be

And I would fly anywhere
And I would do anything
To be close to you

Lightning crashes all around
Deep goes the sound
Thunder and clouds do roll
And so it shall be

And I would cry anytime
To be close to you

And I would see anything
And I would sing anything
And I would feel anything
To be near you
To be with you

I would die

Well how far have you traveled
How far have you come
From where have you journeyed
And where will you go

I think that I'm wearied
I think that I'm slow
I'm feeling do depressed
I really don't know

Lightning rolls all around
Deep rolls the sound
Thunder booms and clouds come down
wishing me to come and drown

Belief and sorrow
Destruction and trust
Our sorrow and anger
Rely, cry, fall and rust

I think that I'm happy
I think that I'm fine
When will I see

He died for me

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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