An uphill climb in a downhill world

Sometimes life is so haphazard, so disruptive, so annoying and it seems like everything is passing by so quickly, and so furiously, that we forget what we are living for. It seems that all the beauty is lost in a sunset, or the fragrance of a flower is gone when we climb the ladder of life. Are we climbing too fast? Should we slow down? I say no. Who said life was a ladder anyhow? We are on the road of life, not the ladder. It is only through climbing the steep path that we can reach God. Not by trying to attain him as they did at the tower of Babel. Yes, I can see their pyramids of power, and their skyscrapers of success. But the story never changes. They are either traveling down the road, trying to build upwards by themselves, or they are wasting away at the side. I see very few who are going up with me. But I know I must go on. We must go on. we should travel together, you know. We should be able to trust in one another to be traveling companions. Can't we do that? Or, can we trust each other yet?

The road of life can be arduous, and seemingly meaningless at times, but we must know that God is on our side. Things go on around us everyday, and yet, we must be more than overcomers. We must rise above each occasion with the power of the triumphant one. Because greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. Things happen to everyone. Both good and bad. Hey, it rains on the virtuous and the evil just the same. So why do we accept some of these things as from our Father? Don't get me wrong, I believe in Fire baptism, and I know that he chastises and rebukes those that he loves, but if I'm in a car wreak... I am not going to thank God (the giver of all good things) for it! I will not let those things happen to me! It is the thief that comes to kill steal and destroy, not the goodman of the house!

The only way that the thief can come in is if he first binds
up the strong man. And then that violent one will take it by force, and by all means necessary, if possible. So, loose God, and let him do something for you! He is the "Abba" the da-da of all creation. Shall not the Father give his children good things if we ask it of him? Or who among you would give your kid a rock if he asks for some food? I shall stand firm on my belief that God actually likes and loves me. For it is not just a strong opinion, it is a solid fact.

Let your life be fun. Life was not intended to be a living Hell. It was intended for us to have fellowship with the creator, and to dominate creation. I shall walk the path no matter what happens! For He is still on my side. And when life seems to be crashing down around me, then I can still know that Jesus paid for it all. My salvation from Hell, accidents, and stress. And he sent his precious Holy Spirit to display the fact of his love. As a person in love with him, I would just like to say that he is my all in all. He is the one who tickles my fancy as well as my funny bone. I like him and He likes me. And he is proud when I can stand firm in the face of adversity, and having done everything that I know to do, stand in confidence.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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