Army girl in her closet

Where are the valleys filled with flowers?
Where are the mountains with snow?
Where are the meadows, where are the children?
I sure wish, I'd like to know.

Where is the laughter, where is the singing?
Where are the people who care?
Where is the villa with bells that are ringing?
I would like to go.

I want to be where the happiness is.
I wish we all could be fine.
I wonder why good people die?
I'm sure that I don't know.

Why are you crying, why are you hurting?
Talk with me to the end.
Please don't be lonely, please don't be dying.
Please don't be hurting, please don't be crying.
I want to go where the children are playing.
Take me there, take me there.
Take me there, my friend.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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