Dance into the darkness

All the while I stood there waiting.
All the time you sat debating.
Would you ask me for a dance?
You did not even cast a glance.

I died for you in your place.
I cried at your sinful disgrace.
So I get shoved now out of the way.
I see your promise fade into gray.

I've given all and still I give.
You've taken all and yet you live.
Apart from me, no care, no plea.
No need you ever see for me.

I'll cry all day you've lost the way.
I'll curse the day you disobeyed.
For even though I know you well.
That blatant sin sends you to hell.

"Father" I beg, "Have mercy please".
"On those refusing to dance with me".
"Cast them not out to the left".
"Father" I cry, "Your sheep I've kept!"

(Dream on you fool while ice grows hard.
Bridging their hearts into the dark.
Dark chasms yell tormenting screams.
On fallen children I will feed!)

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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