The Cow Path Revisited

One day through the wood, a cow walked home, as good cows often should.
He made a path, all bent askew. A crooked path as all cows do.

Since that time, four hundred years past, The cow, now dead created this path.
But still behind, he left his trail. And on that note, I'll hang my tale.

And so time fled, as time should do. They wandered the path. Those wandering few.
From dog and sheep, and traveles late, the path did grow and trail did make.

And many a man wandered out, and dodged and turned, and bent about.

They muttered dark curses full of wrath, because it was a crooked path!

The forest then, became a lane. Horse, buggy, and traveler made it plain.
The years passed on the swiftest of feet, and the lane then became a street.

A hundred thousand souls were led, by one poor cow, four centuries dead.
From path to trail to road to street, now bustling was this way with feet.

For a moral lesson does this teach, if i were ordained and called to preach.
Simple men repeat things already done. They only do what other men have done.

Taken from "The Cow Path"
Author Unknown

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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