Instructions in pentameter

One day there was a pink flower
And she desperately wanted to be blue
She held her breath for a really long time
And the pink became blue, and in turn... purple!
But then she couldn't breathe!
So she sighed with grief,
And thought "Oh well, I guess I'm pink."
...She then looked to the sky and wished...
"Maybe God will tell me why I'm pink!
And she looked to the tree to find
A note from her friend the tulip!
And it said: "If you were blue, I couldn't be,
because God made us all the way we are.
If pink became blue, there would be no more you."
And the pink flower smiled.

Lines 2-14 (evens) written by Mandie Maclean
Lines 1-15 (odds) written by Pauly
Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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