It's ok

I feel hated, I feel used, I am angry, I am abused
It's ok, this feeling that's deep down inside
It's my anger that's reaching inside of my life

I feel cheated, abandoned, circling unlanded
I am fine in here, but not with her
It's my anger prickling like an angry cur

I feel disjointed, unloved from below to above
It's alright to be angry, I duly confess
I feel it all over, this hate I address

I feel and am pissed off about being thrown off
It is really unfair and it won't go away
I can't shake it, run or push it away

I feel angry and I know it ain't dandy
I feel angry, am seething inside my cage
I let it all go, my blame and my rage

It's ok to be angry, It's ok to feel pain
It's ok to be wrong, It's ok to take blame

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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