horace the significant

i am not a winner, nor shall i ever be
i am not a survivor, and do not pretend
i am a coward and a loser, and care not at all
i am nothing, hear nothing, and become less

i do not matter, i am forgotten, and alone
i do nothing right, and my trials overtake me
i do not hear, speak, see or live correctly
i do not know if i will ever be happy again

i am not a person, i am only a lousy number
i am not alive, i breathe and eat and sleep
i am not here to be loved, only cheated and used
i am not significant, and my name is horace

you are a winner, and you will be much more
you are a survivor, and i can see you are honest
you are a fighter, a winner, and quite compassionate
you are worth it, you listen, and help those around you

you are important, i know you and come to you
you succeed, and never let life get you down
you are listening, you counsel and live accordingly
you are on your way to becoming the best you can be

you are valuable, i know your face by heart
you are alive, intimate and full of life and laughter
you are always loved by me, i will die for you
you are significant, and your name is cherished

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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