We control the transmission

We are the brothers of destiny, and the rulers of thought
We are those inside your mind and your TV
We are the small voices in society
We are the left hand of the rulers
We are the right index finger of dictators
We are the nutritional information on your cereal box
We are the food pyramid
We are the FBI FDC NAACP IRS and the wedding cake
We will tell you what you are
We are the school system
We are the judicial system
We are NBC ABC CBS FOX and the sunday brunch
We are those whom you forget
We are the new car commercial
We are the system you buck
We are the street evangelists
We are your funerals
We are your gods
We are your tarot cards
We are your hatred
We are the bar you love
We are the one
We control the transmission
We are I am who are you
We are you in disguise

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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