I didn't know of anyone else
To hide my pain... my ruin so great
Plunge it deep within the earth
If I must then I will, NQA
So heayv a weight. Pain. Shoulders.
I'm getting that sinking... again...

Shadows play off of her imagination
I am dancing as by firelight
A tickle, fickle trickle of hope
A respite from the world, NQA
Will I go down to the sea I wonder
Will she ever go down with me

Mighty crashing these forests tell of
But who will be there to listen
Who is there to hear my faith fall
She is to me the ear of reason: NQA
But if I am tied to her so well
Why the kite? Why so long a string

Will she love me
Will I love back
No Questions Asked
Will she like me
Another Matter Entirely

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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