I've traveled the world, talked to God most high
Seen what to see, enough for two lives
Don't what there was, then I did it again
Had a life full of goodness and a life life full of sin
I've had all there is, but what I couldn't find
Was someone to be there for the rest of my life

All that I needed but not what I want
I saw her pleading, her cold was now hot
She was the tool belt and I was the tool
She fucked me over and made me the fool
Needing a man for a reason or three
My love cost my life not even sex was for free

So I am here broken, pissed off and alone
You though that you owned me, set pick for the zone
But I'm not the liar, that job is all you
I still know what I want, only you are confused
You didn't want me, you just needed a man
To fit into your cage, like some master plan

But now I am free girl, unchained by your claws
You held me the hostage, put up marshal laws
You said it was money, you said I was bad
So why do your children still call me their dad
Your walking towards hell, I'm walking towards life
I'll travel the world, talk to God most high

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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