Indigo Dark Burn (The Dark Sonet)

Indigo Dark Burn

The Dark Sonet

By Pauly Hart

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Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

We are the brothers of destiny, and the rulers of thought
We are those inside your mind and your TV
We are the small voices in society
We are the left hand of the rulers
We are the right index finger of dictators
We are the nutritional information on your cereal box

We are the food pyramid
We are the FBI FDC NAACP IRS and the wedding cake
We will tell you what you are
We are the school system
We are the judicial system
We are NBC ABC CBS FOX and the Sunday brunch

We are those whom you forget
We are the new car commercial
We are the system you buck
We are the street evangelists
We are your funerals
We are your gods
We are your tarot cards

We are your hatred
We are the bar you love
We are the one
We control the transmission
We are
I am
Who are you

We are you in disguise

I search, and find nothing...
I soar the tides, I surf the winds...
Eternity moans and breaths unto me: nothing.
I shall continue, I shall find that lost desire.
I, Indigo, shall return.

Do you believe me?
You must.
*Evil Grin*

I know what you do not.
You will believe.

I am you looking forward
Terrible isn't it?
(gleeful giggle)
You will die with me
I am you in disguise

(caged in a thousand tons of granite)

I, Angel!
Bright flurried starflyer
Seeing your soul
Seeing your eyes

Your eyes are shut
Mine are crusted
but i see more than you
I am knowledge
I am power
I am...


i... feel so lost
i feel?
i have been around
humans too long

all power is no power
compared to you
*thoughtful muse*
humans are immune
when choice becomes them

Do you believe me?
*Angst smile*

Angel bright, a wonder.
I come from Bolivia... to here, to hear.
Do you believe me?
*Frustrated smirk*
Demon knight, wonder love.
I come from yonder, to find life.

I reach, I preach, I forget nothing.
I am infinity, I am the universe.

(they came long far ago)
(they been here ever since)

Dark burn... I, Indigo
I ever search... I am infinity
I started in the mind.
I started in Bolivia.
You must believe me.
I am no angel.
{Hateful smile}
Only a dark one.

I think that I feel like a zombie
all these years that I walk alone
I look for places i've never been to
give me something that I need
bet what it is I do not know

I kill for knowledge lusting for more
I feel life but am blind, deaf, dumb
Life death light dark you me them

Lift the Crypt at the gates
I am a zombie
A shadow of things that are
past and discouraged

I am kissing your thoughts
wondering if you see me
I want to taste you

I take bodies
down to the pit
and chew

Underscored am I
forsaken I am
- lucid smile -
forgetful is he
no forgiveness still
for my kind

I shall burn
< disquieting grin >
I do not mind
it so much

for I who roamed
once in your life
you shall now be
with me

I will sharpen my wits
I will ascend
I will become that which I worship
I will I will I will to will
I shall achieve all glory
I shall reckon with the Creator
I shall become His master
I shall be above

I am perfect in all I am
I am the un-created one
I am the image of me
I am that which I think I am
I will sit on the throne
I will come off the stool
I will be above
I will be god

Discover more to life
He says
He says discover
Lord we call him...
of flies... maggots... worms
#forlorn shrug#
then i am a maggot
"Yesss, Baaal."
we say, we envision
his brain sucked dry

(are you getting this?)

there is no order, only chaos
and death and the smell of rotting
and bile and fire and film and fire and bracken
and larva hatching in your ears

i hate my job
except for it led me to you


^satisfied gurgle^

every time you look at me
every glimpse I catch of you
you say that no good thing is free
no my friend this is not true

death it comes to those who wait

for those who hang on every word
i know that i cannot compete
for suffering is in your place

doomed to wail
doomed to fail
doomed to fall into my sins
doomed to follow
doomed to wait
doomed to sit through my mistakes

follow you through miry words
follow you at every turn
you often give me what i need
I despise these bridges burned
humor comes rarely ever now
And no one bends to listen
I'll take you to my promised land
for i seek to know you

hear my heart
take my complaint
come and do as i have done
for i am burning
i am shamed
i will wallow in my own fate

fear is unsolicited
anger burns within
i shall let them have their hold
i am doomed to sin
create a hate for beauty now
I do not get what i can't afford
I have all my indescrepancies
and i seem to be...

Oh, I can twist!
Twisting is the only thing I have been good at
For many many years.
The ability to twist. To lie.
To believe.
Believe in a lie.

(wracking their souls for freedom)
(they came long time ago)
(they've be here a long time now)

>annoying giggle<

Lord of the maggots and Lord of the flies
Lord of no Lords but Lord of your life


I love to be in control of things
To deceive is the greatest gift of all
To take a perfectly straight lie
And twist it into a truth
///I did not say THE truth... did i///

+forceful laugh+

I am truth
I am a lie
Truth is a lie
Lies are the truth


I have traveled the stars
to bring you this wisdom

I am your nightmare

nighttime sleeper

evening weeps and thinks
destruction nears and bleeds
nighttime sleeps

I am aroused by the new moon.
A lifeless circle of black.
I am aroused and awakened.
I am the wolf on the hunt.
No one sees my invisible shape.
I am the wolf in the shadows.
I am betrayed by the starlight.
The cosmos stretches dizziness.
I am deceived and detained.
I am the Nighttime-Lord.
King of Vampires.

I love the dark.
I probe.

nighttime awakens
hungry red eyes
search feel and probe
nighttime awakens

probe search
probe find
search probe
search find

find probe
find search
find you

capture you
captures you
i capture
i will catch you

i am vampiric
i am form
i am demon
i will catch you
yum yum


Stars before me, Light behind.
Faster, faster, I burn, I travel and fly.
Angel bright. Busied Starflyer.

I Indigo, like Merlin, foresee all.
I see all, know all dark thoughts.

I know all energies
I know your energy
Your thoughts

I feel your energy
pulse though my head
as I think about your soul
while "she" is away

I hear voices
in my head
but they are only those that
i choose to ignore

Power lines stretch
extension cords elongate
speaker wires surround
outlets all around

I want something that
only comes in dreams
and in motion picture films
like the most recent Star Wars

The force is something intangible
or so Yoda says it is so
but if you can feel it all around you
then why can't you touch it?

I feel and realize and subside and control
i want and need and desire
i kill and maim and destroy for lust
but what is it unless there is energy

Energy enwrapped my fabric and core
lust and energy and force and power
surround ensue envelop enrapture
all around and i feel it now i think

I want your energy

|Lustful Drool|

I stand in darks path, I... Indigo.
I search for lost hope.
I've started in Bolivia...
And have been lead here.

(listening to you sleep)
(they wake now from the graves)
(wanting to feed again)

Lead to the Disjoined States of the Americas.
Where Money is god of gods.
The almighty whore.

Whore of Babylon.
You writhe in septic juice.
Mammon Messiah.
Articulate the Kings Purse.
The Dollar.
Almighty Greenback of Strife.

Carry away.
All true wealth of Soul.
You are the Cream of Desire.
Blackest of Night.
Breakfast of Crime.
How They love you.
How I love you.

(listening to you cry)

I have realized that life givers and life takers.
are very closely joined together.

These co-dependant
recyclers leech and love, and take and give.

I think that we need to put these two in their place.
The givers always seem to have nothing,

and the takers seem to have it all together.
They have what they want, what they need

and all but what they desire.
For what they desire is nothing good.

What they want is the struggle of flesh.
They desire the undesirables of Gods heart.

These are the leeches... and they...

They are my kind of people.

I came to you to tell you
To tell you of a Hate
A Hate that burn my soul
A Hate for all you are
I hate you and shall
Nibble on your knees in Hell
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... but I am a lost cause...

(demon nephilim)
(calling out)

Underscored am I
forsaken I am

> lucid smile <
forgetful is he
no forgiveness still
for my kind
I shall burn
- disquieting grin -

I do not mind
it so much
for I who roamed
once in your life
you shall now be
with me
in fear

(through the)
(of your minds)
(third eye)

I love fear...
Fear captivates ones' soul
Feeling the forged iron of adrenaline
When you dream of monsters

Become the monster you dream of
Destroying faith and hope
Hell on the Earth
When you dream like this
Fear is the lover of Devils
The lover of Satan's cream

Fear captivates ones soul
Freeing deaths hold opening the box
so you no longer believe in...


>dark smile<


>an even darker laugh<
>lots of chewing noises<

(listening to you pray)
(demon nephilim)

And here we shall sit
The mutant misfit
Demon and Man
Joined at the hip

You could turn away from me
You could choose another path

You will not, deep in a rut
I cannot. I am forever stuck
You are the one who sucks
I wallow in your sinful muck

I wish...

I was renewed
My future now seems
ill favored and bleak
I wish I believed

Damn Satan!
Why is he the one
Damn Satan!
We will not win...


I scream at night
I am condemned
To lie beneath
To feel the bends

There is no one
Who'll cure my sin
For I am demon

Neither fear nor shame
No quest or map
No hopeless leap
Of questioned crap

I am in anguish
I am in pain
I lie awake now
My strength gone again

Where is my hope
Where is my gain
Why do I lose so
With going insane

Why do I know this
And do not abstain
Why is my souls fear
in bursting with flames

I am the evil one
I am not the sane
Where is my healing
Why am I vain

(calling your name)
(calling your name)

now gone
my eyes
in the smoke

I watch now
with ears
gone deaf
my hands
suspended far
above me
in testimony

in sacrifice
to lord Satan...
I am impaled
through the
my rotted tongue
eaten by crawlies...

I, Dark Burn
the ungrateful dead
ending my life
as I ended others...
and lord Satan

for I, his puppet

performed well.
Damn my Lord Satan...
Like I have damned me...

Demon night. Starflyer. Starflyer.
I... Indigo, burn this past.

I will believe it no longer.
Belief? Ha. Belief in the morning star...
Expulsion. Separation.
Forget the past,
I want to know the future

I study this future, and the now.
Do you believe that I search?
Listen and believe.

[ Disgusted grin ]

Stop doubting, listen... believe.
I am infinity, and I search it through.
I angel bright, fly along steadily.
Searching... ever searching... searching.

(calling your name)
(calling your name)

I find out fear
In peoples eyes


It stands out wide
And hair stands affright
A salad bar of doom
The buffet of the damned

My vision fades with them
They are the scarlet shadows
I am the whore of Babylon
They scream into the night

There is no hope for me.
But the knowledge is there.
I ever foresee and search.
There is none for me.
No forgiveness for demons.
Do you believe me?
/ Hopeless sigh
You dream of dreams
You hope of hope
You fill the void
You've placed within
You cannot cope

(to do their bidding)

Evil surrounds me
Love comes and chokes me
I, benefactor of all I see

Nothing surrounds me.

It's all the same
You've lived a joke
You flunk the test
You took to score
You dropped the ball


Darkness surrounds me.

You failed me now
You are a joke
You're arbitrary
Life's lost on you
You are insane

Nothing is heaven
Black comes around me
I, Inheritor of all I see

Hatred surrounds me

(and join them)

~ Dark Grin ~

Do you see?
We win!

(Are you getting this?)

But no...

You human kind dream
Of life so free and nice
When all you really know
Are feelings shod with ice
I know you more than you
I recognize you in sleep

Watching ever faithfully
A Kosmocrateraus is me
Fun is evil and the same
Is Evil fun for me
I cannot be the judge of sane
For Indigo is my name

Fun in evil is my soul
And wretchedness is you
For I alone will hold you near
When Satan comes for you
Do not be deceived my love
Christians have their hope
And decadence, sloth and decay
are found on MTV

I cannot be the judge of sane
Dark Burn is my name

I will see this through

but my fate
with my lord
will I suffer

Won't you come with me?

^wicked laugh^

no forgiveness
come with me

no mercy
come with me

no hope
come with me

(to hell)


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