...feeling and shut

Lazy hands make lazy work
Lazy feet and lazy play.
Lazy, lazy I feel so lazy.
Lazy's how I feel today.

Sunburnt and lazy. Sleepy and tired.
I'm sublime and quiet today.
Lazy face and lazy hands.
Lazy kings and lazy lands.

I can almost hear the bumblebees.
They are humming over the meadow.
Eyelids shut. My jaw hangs down.
Lazy, lazy days.

I cannot move.
I am too slow.
I feel so lazy.
The feeling never leaves.

I look at those poor tired old bees.
My hair is cut short.
It does not want to grow.
It is too lazy.

My beard is long.
My sword is sharp.
My sword is drawn.
But I am so lazy.

I am too lazy.
Too lazy today.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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