Aslan Itch
(Reflections of C.S. Lewis)

I itch away at complacency
until it subsides.
Scratching at apathetic views
that I cannot quite reach.
I peel away my mediocrity
with growing pain.
He ripped away my lack of love
and it all fell away.

In chunks of flesh that I lie among.
With blood and scraps of cloth around.
I quiver and burn with searing pain.
The air is cold. My sinuses drain.
Plunged down in the untouched pool.
I'm born anew to the world of men.
New skin, baby and beet is that of mine.
The avenging scales of death are gone.

And now, baptized in frozen numbness,
I arise no more the dragon, but man.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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