myself on asian literacy

the dewy decimal system is at work in books that are in alpha-numerical order according to prefix and author and little ladies sitting behind old wooden desks with glasses on the end of their nose so do i feel a sense of history or just a minor attack of claustrophobia perhaps it is the old card system being replaced with the computer terminals or maybe it is the cd and video tape section that you can check out now i checked out a mandarin chinese audio teaching lesson once and copied it so i could learn all about how to speak the language but then i never got around to learning anything so i just ended up taking them back and checking out something else but even then i never have used them oh well i tell myself ill use it someday soon like perhaps when i go to china but ive heard stories about china like every book and especially each bible that is printed up has to be approved by the government and if its not then a prison term could follow do you know what ive heard about china as well is that in some parts of the country they dont have libraries and do you know what i think i said to myself i think ill have to pray about that

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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