Breath of God

As dawn breaks, the new day
skips over the cloud tops breathing.
"How can you breathe?" I ask the day.
"I breathe because the Lord has first breathed me."

As morning wakes, the meadowlark sings
his morning song of happiness and joy.
"How can you sing?" I ask the lark.
"I sing because the Lord has first sung me."

As the sun rays shine, the morning dew
shines itself upon me.
"How can you shine?" I ask the dew.
"I shine because the Lord has first shone me."

And as night falls, I, already asleep on my bed,
forget the beauty that the Lord gives each day.
"How could I have forgotten?" I ask the Lord.
"You forgot because you first forgot me."

But still on me, the Lord . . .
Breathes, sings, and shines.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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