Footprints on the Hart

Tiny footprints
Large footprints on my heart
Footprints by lovers
Footprints by my friends
Footprints I needed
And those I did not
I have been stepped on
Massaged by Birkenstocks
And punctured by cleats
Footprints of love
Joy, pain and laughter
I see my life
By the marks they have made
My ups and my downs
My goods and my bads
Footprints of Jesus
All over my head
Footprints of her
Alone in my bed
I know his feet
Were shod inside peace
I know those toes
Were trusted indeed
For I am not stepped on
A doormat, am not
But my heart is open
For love and for hate
Footprints you say
How common is that
A footprint is dusty
And dust gets in cracks
So every inside part
Of my life
Has been muddied
And dustied and crudied
By mud
For tears, sweat and blood
Have made the dust wet
And footprints are left
All alone in the muck
And footprints are all
That matters to me
Footprints of you
Footprints of me

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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