Attribute to the attributes

Faith is faster than a light train
more loyal than a dog at night
sleeping at your feet
Destiny is smarter than an Einstein
more lovely than tender children
with sticky hands
Do you know how to speak the truth?
What is truth? a person is he.
Love is more agile than a hungry crocodile
more tender than an embarrassing moment
in a well known crowd
Hope is better than a good back rub
more happy than peanuts and hot-dogs
at a baseball game with dad
do you know how to show freedom
what is freedom? a person is he.
wonder is lighter than a goose down feather
more slap-happy than a sit-com
on evening t.v.
Death is more potent than a poisonous elixir
more gripping than a paperback
while baby sitting kids

Do you realize that all life dies?
Except the life that's in his eyes

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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