Love over

As the clock chases time for miles upon miles,
I sit on the grass and think about smiles.
For a time and a half, I ate a giraffe,
That I bought at an animal whale of a sale.
My shoes are now red, so I gave them away,
And the river was cool, so I drank like a fool.
Love over. My soul was under your love. Love over.
Just once I would like to be as loud as I might,
Like a solar flare burst could be bright.
But over again, I would just like to sit.
I would love to grow wings, and test out my strings,
And carve my whole name in the sky.
Love over. Red Rover. Send your love right over.
I know life is small, I have bugs on my wall.
But I can't leave a wake, it would be a mistake.
As my cat chases twine, as my brain does unwind,
I think about slime, and am I still fine?
Love over. And over. Love over.
The sunset of your love has begun.
My toes were under the sun.
Love lower.
Quite lower.
Love over.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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