Lover of love

You are the sweetness in the murkiness of my day.
Your smile is a light to my dreary way.
The light from your eyes gives power to my step,
and your energy brings up from my soul... life, like water.
I love you my dear. You. Like no other. My best friend,
my true heart, desire so pure, thoughts so warm,
melting is my mind when it dwells upon the furnace of your ardent desire.
deep. so deep is your love. Leviathan deep is your love.
And my love so wide. Cosmonaut wide. Our loves blend,
twist and swirl into a rainbow of faces and smiles and
happy-dancy feet.
we mesh, we mold. come together and hand-in-glove fit.
We are one, we have won, we, one won.
How I long to lace and weave myself into the fabric of your inner want.
The chakra of your karma comes to me.
I grow and learn inside your mind and know, always learning.
I know your mind, your soul together spun with mine, forever twine.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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