So Good

You make me feel so good, so good
O Dancing at the club, I feel so good for you
U I always dance for your love and exercise
M Kim dances so the boys will notice
A Shelly dances because she enjoys the words
K Angie dances because she's just a kid
E Dale dances because he likes to dance
M Sheryl dances to try to dance
E Mike really doesn't dance
F And Bear, he just smiles
E We prayed afterwards for peace
E It was a good time, full of life
L Jesus was handing out gifts of love
S Years of preparation and tears of hope
O People praying in, around, away for all
G Pure Christian music, pure Christian ministry
O Yes, save the name, don't play the game
O God moves when His people pray, angels know
Demons and Hell beware, we Christians will rock!

You make me feel so good, You are so good to me

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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