I don't want to lose my faith
I don't want to be alone

Somedays I wonder about mediocrity
Sometimes I wonder about togetherness
It's like when you are watching TV at 4 am
And find yourself agreeing with an infomercial
When there is love, there is the king of glory
I wonder about fast food in an instant society
We must be common together, children together
A family tied, bound, and given in love
It's like when you drop the jam and burn
All of your toast and find yourself crying
Aloneness and fear, like roaches desecrate
The opposition of pride rests on your shoulders
The coloring of a pale life. Love of God.
I don't want to be alone. Yet I'm there often.
Wrapped up in a book, in the house, on the sofa.
I don't want to be loosed for the enemy.
An unsplintered friendship is the apple of His eye.
Surrender to lifes' gentle way. Become unified.
What I'm saying is simply the truth
Being alone by choice is offering yourself to death.
Unite yourself with wisdom. Give away life.
Plant your love in others. Plant yourself in God.
Do you find yourself alone with a talk show host?
Sometimes I wonder about togetherness.
Don't tie your shoes together. Loose yourself.
Become dead to vain imagination and blunder.
Pray, teach, serve, encourage and be hospitable.
We need each other. It's no lie. I need you.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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