love, peace, harmony remix
-explained by Grant Campbell

love, peace and harmony.
joy in all worlds i'd like to see.
but reason and lies and despondency.
come crawling out of their graves.
breathing decay.

love was the first.
she fell at my feet.
then peace.
she died in battle.
but harmony lasted.
for harmony turned evil.
and changed into racism.

love, peace and harmony.
very nice, very nice...
but possible in this world?

who knows, but our soul.
who knows, but those chosen.
exhumed from deaths door.
who knows but the keeper.
the gate of forbidden thought.
it lies behind there.

under crimson flood.
under scarlet blood
i shall find that love.

in the midst of war.
during countless hore.
the peace shall be bore.

harmonies endless flight.
deaths countless blight.
torturing the night.

i shall find it.
within the gate.
within the gate.
within the gate.
within his hand.
the keeper held it there.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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