Jesus splashes foamy love

This is the way love is. It's all there is.
Love bursting forth. Starbursting. My eyes sting.
Shards of love stuck in my face and my sides.
This is the way is and it should be forever now.
It's like a reversal image seen of ones self. Better.
The way love is, is the way I choose to be.
Love is the way that love is supposed to be.
Love is the way to all of forgotten forgetfulness.
It is the same thing as ever there always was.
If love is all there is to life. Then life is love.
Love is the way to heaven. For love paid the price.
Love is the way, love is the truth and also the life.

Jesus flows like a river showing us his love.
Joyfully he flies and glides, swooping us up.
Jesus flows like a river. Love flows like a river.
Jesus tickle my toes as I stand in his river.
Jesus splashes foamy love upon his followers.
Jesus splashes his foamy love on me.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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