Jade, Lenin, Spiral motions watching
Forgetful idealism's, denying machismos
love-lace, pug faced, tires spinning wildly
corny canned music floating from speakers
dynamos of dexterity clanging their gongs
Listen to the lyrics cry, listen to the clamor
feel it thriving in your pulse, louder, louder
frost-bitten gyrating waves listening
forsaken idealism's, destructive cannibals
jade-mace, dope-faced, propellers flying madly
corny canned music floating from the speakers
dynamos of dexterity banging their gongs
Live inside the music-sky, revel in its smatter
Feel it living in your pulse, feel it ever higher

music is your wake and sleep
music takes me to the deep
music lives and music now
music is your sacred cow

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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