Of traitors and of thieves

Everywhere I go, someone knows your name.
Everywhere I go, I find your eyes.
Everywhere I go, I see your peace.
Everywhere I go, you shine like stars.
Every person I meet, needs your life.
Every idea that's thought, guides me to you.
Every theory unproven, proves your justice.
Every traitor you catch, trades you for silver.
Every moth that flies, does so by your grace.
Every rabbit that lives, does so on your prairie.
Every owl that sees, does so with your eyes.
Every woman that pains, gives birth to your love.
Every framer that frames, if only for art.
Every potter that spins, if only for water.
Every candle maker, if only for light.
Every thief that steals, if only for money.

Every creation bears your birthmark.

Save one.


Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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