Beauty of life

God is such an incredible being.
He is larger than any imagination
or any scope of reality
that we could ever devise.
I love God and the concept
of an entity who can control
and shape this present reality into
much more than Einstein or Newton
or Euclid or Galileo could have
ever conceived.
It is such an honor
to serve a deity who is
actually alive with love and thought.
Alive with the very presence of our souls smell.

In all of history,
man has tried to come up with things to worship.
Wood for idols, Selfishness for themselves,
Weapons. Tools. Ideologies. Technology.
Innovation. But it seems like Mankind as a whole
has always swung wide on the postulate
that the inventor of reality
should not only be our source
but our sustainer as well.
I am proud to be a part of
a body of believers
who hold their faith in a true and living God.
The only being who actually gives a hoot.
That being cares. He CARES.
For you, me, and our entire pathetically striving race.
That's my God and
He loves you.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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