To the girls
Mexicans, Louisianans, and Michiganders

Hello, Hello it's me again.
It's me your warm and furry friend.
Paulywatamus you can call me.
Your smile throughout the day.

This poem or this song is for
those who receive, those who adore
the loving way he does now show
his adoration for you.

My heart now beats with life and blood
immersing me with crimson flood
as Jesus rips away my pride
a sacrifice for better.

My walls come down like Jericho
exposing every beaten foe
and burning all the false gods
the smoke blackens the sky.

A humble vessel I'm trying for
but please accept a pot that's poor
I'm trying to apologize
for inconvenience.

My reason is both plain and dull
when viewed eyes come from the skull
but enlightened eyes will see the truth
as realization dawns in.

I love you all, yes understand
I've tied the knots with rubber bands
stretched them to the limit
but they burst beneath my fingers.

I love you all, this much is fine
but he loves you so much more than I
I'm not worth my weight in pounds
I walked until I drowned.

Please forgive me for when I fall
and help me get back on the ball
I'm trying hard and most of all
I'm learning how to trust him.

Each one of you is special too
though special pink or special blue
without your colors there wouldn't be
the rainbow of your love.

Choose wisely and so make your choice
which color stands out like your voice
for colors we are meant to be
to paint the nations for him.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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