It's morning time, that's how it is
You'd better hold on now, It's morning time
Preach the news, preach the striding salvation
Galloping through the weeds of perdition
It's morning time, zone to zone
Sea to shining sea, it's morning time
This is third day business, yes?
It's morning time, zone to zone
Horizon cries out for light, yes?
It's morning time, if you know what I mean
Salvation on wings of a kestrel-hawk.
Or should that be like an eagle
Preach the third day news, do it readily
The heart of man, do you know what I mean?
Feel the pulse, It's morning time, yes?
Chant the pulse, feel the rhyme.
Course its pace, It's morning time.
Striding salvation, preach it forever
It's horizon time, It's morning time
like a bright yellow hand rising, as if for life
reaching... reaching... It's morning time, yes?
It's morning time, and on the horizons
I feel salvation striding, sliding, gliding. Yes?
It's morning time, and I will preach
Do you know what I mean?
It's morning time.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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