I feel for what I know

i do not want to but i do
i feel for what i know
and i know that this truth i see is a lie
the truth... my heart... so black

i know the truth, it should set me free
im reaching for the stars
but grind my teeth on sandy shores
the moonglow of your hope dances upon me

the sun, showed me your promise
solemn, so wise yet contrite
im not getting anywhere... and fast
looking to knowledge's vast frontier

in the investigation of common sense
i reveal nothing but this senseless quest
sparkling and true, intense and anew
show me your foolishness, i give you my brain

in the thoughts of lost wisdom
i feel for what i know
and also for what i do not...
i feel, and fear rides away...

on eagles wings.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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