Sword makers healing

-Troglodyte, juggernaut, spinning-
-hunchback, leper wrought, dying-

"I know one who can set you free Inchkeith."
"I'm fine just the way I am!"
"I know one who can set you free."
"I will make your sword,
now leave me alone!"

-You who sits back in the dust-
-who shatters and who rusts-
-who cares for the unjust-

-You who live your life in sin-
-can't stand so you cave in-
-he lost so you can win-

-Troglodyte, juggernaut, feeling-
-warrior, costly- bought, healing-

"Bless me Lord for I'll never be the same!"
"Yes, and thank you for the sword."

Inspired by Steven R Lawhead
Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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