Blessed Comforter
(Even When I Don't Praise)

Even as you are sleeping away,
My Heart is watching over you.
The Sun rises and sets every day,
And my Mind guards and protects you.
Comforter, I am. To work aside you.
It's my chief desire to wash pride away.
Friend to the end. Give me the strength.
To make it through just one more day.

When the Lord scattered the wicked,
It was as the night snow. No flake the same.
Yet all doomed to melt away in the mornings light.
Why are you jealous of the wicked?
Don't you know that they die just like you?
Why waste your time on foolish things?
Know you not that you are my temple?
You are the temple of the Holy Ghost.

Don't be envious of the wicked.
You have the almighty living in you.
Praise be to the Lord our Savior and God,
Who bears our burdens the same.
Pouring out His grace on all mankind,
I, God, am a god who saves, heals and loves.
From me alone comes escape from death.
And even when you don't praise, I love you.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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