The bloodied path
(thoughts in a tunnel part one)

Forward tracks my feet trod on
Drawing me close to my lost home
I hear a hawk up in the sky
I feel my soul now start to fly
I walk this road, travel this path
And sometimes think of turning back
I will climb, climb, forevermore
Along this path, this lonely shore
For one is there, He walks with me
He is the Christ, Infinity

Loose-knit threads unravel slow
Birds of happiness sing too low
Deep depression feeds and grows
Inside my soul like a fungus mold

Bruised and battered, scorched and hurt
I stumble through the miry dirt
Dragging on, my feet now bleed
Picking songs are picking weeds
I'll sing for you, I'm still in pain
I'll bring the truth, I'll stop the train
I'm ready now to stand for you
I'm ready now to play the fool

Forward so slow, The distance grows
I'm cut and now the blood does flow
I'll start the show, I'll be the one
Your glory to earth, is now forth come

Loose-knit threads unravel slow
Winds of life that suck and blow
Suppression now begins to show
The slimy fungus, recedes and slows

I'll walk the wire, my shoes won't slip
The lightning cracks now like a whip
It's life or death the pit screams out
I shudder now with every doubt

I grab my staff and thunder blows
I feel the surge and my heart grows
I feel the awen and hear the cry
The Lord, he swoops down from the skies

Least of the least not worthy, no
But cross the bridge is where I'll go
And over still I tumble down
I live for you though I may drown

Loose-knit threads unravel slow
revealing pain and burning snow
The road I travel, It leads to you
Please lead me Lord and pull me through

I walk now tall, both strong and proud
I'm covered by the Spirit Cloud
With Fire by night and cloud by day
Love, Peace, and Joy along the way

His staff and crook now guide my steps
I trust in him, to act, protect
To guide, provide, and show the way
The Comforter I do obey

The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
To trust in them and love the most
Is my only way to strive, survive
To live the life, to be alive

Loose-knit threads now fall below
Peace and Love and Joy now flow
Forward tracks my feet trod on
Drawing me close to my lost home.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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