Burn the night

keying in on life when people pass you by
prying up wooden boards when children start to cry
touching those who care while you wonder why
he's with you always forever and a day
he's chilling firesides of burning sins in lives
he's purging molded hearts and mopping up the spills
he's with you always so hard it makes you think

if i could trap time in a bottle
i swear i would spend it with you
if i could store my tears forever
id wash all of your heartaches away
if i could have one thousand wishes
id give each and everyone too
and if i was king for just one day
i would give it all away to be with you

torches torches pass me by
burning brightly in the night
like a flower burning wildly
burn off all of evils blight

Jesus Jesus your my torchlight
your my hero in the night
Jesus Jesus keep a watch Lord
ward off all of evils blight
burn the night

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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