For a light to shine in the darkness,
There must first be a light in the darkness.

Come all you weary and heavy laden,
Lay your burdens beside me.
I will give you comfort for all your afflictions,
Just lay your head on me.

This is the real me.
Can't you accept me the way I am?
This is the only me.
I didn't come in a packaged can.
There is only one of me.
I'm growing up as fast as I can.
This is the real me.
Accept me while you have the chance.

Whispers of a shadow land
...come slip away
Dreamers in a lonely land
...falling all the way
Reality is held in his hand
...don't make a mistake
There is one Christ the lamb
...please don't disobey

This is the way love is: T.I.M.E.
This is the way it's not: M.I.N.E

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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