Evil trinity of desiring

As I wander through my life, I am beset by many things which would seek to hinder my spirituality.
Girls, Power, Wealth... If only to name a few. These are my downfalls. In fact, they are the downfall
of mankind as a whole. Aside from doubt and fear which expelled man out of the garden in the first
place, there are three lusts of man. The items inside the world that constantly bombard my eyes and
heart and would seek to destroy me.

I often reflect on them and say to myself: "There is no hope but you, God." This seemingly trite
prayer is not the simple prayer that I once prayed in my youth. It has become my pledge and my
mainstay in these troubled times. It has become the balm of Gilead in my inner sanctum. I have vowed
to follow the teachings of Christ, and to allow myself to bend to the will of His heart, and the crux
of the Bible.

Many are the trials of the righteous. Many more the trials of the righteous penitent. With Gods hope
and Christ's blood these issues inside my deluded soul can be won over and conquered. Many the
trials... but Christ is victor over all.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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