Fire Station #666

When the Spirit of truth ignites the kindled flame
Inside of you begins to burn up, up and around again
And you begin to transmit a smoke-signal to show
Where the holy fire burns, for the wind of God to blow

The alarm goes out round creation... Fire in the east
Something has combusted! The flame will need to feed
Where the candle under basket: is hidden, dull and safe
The Wildfire of the Spirit... catches, licks and leaps.

The Nephilim hear alarms and burst into full speed.
And Fire Marshall Lucifer hops on his trusty steed.
Racing to the fire-spout, to extinguish every ounce
The Fire Station #666 is ready on the pounce

But Jah is in control this day, to burn away the dross
And purge the world from its sin, to satisfy the cross
For every rooftop now alights, and angels now rejoice
The Pentecostal back-draft rush, as if creation had a choice.

The glory that has come at last, is power that will stay
Where winds of doctrines come and go, but I they will not sway
For my heart is on fire, and it scorches to the core
The revival cry has come again as I lie as dead upon the floor

The tempest has blown over, the lava cooled to rock
I looked about and saw, gold dust upon my smock
And trembling I did realize the truth revealed at last
That Jesus Christ my savior, is unshaken to the last

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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