He lives, he loves

My one true love calls me home from
the heights of all passionate affection.
He calls me home to his fireside and he wishes
me to return to the place of his desire.

My master! My all, my everything! Lord!
The one I serve! My blood-kin! Brother!
My all in all! The wheel within the wheel!
He is all the family I ever need!
He is all I ever seek in this realm of existence!
He is the one pure thought. He is the pure light.
He is the true feeling. He is the voice.
He is living, loving, but never leaving.
He falls on me from the heights of heaven.
Holy hug, loving kiss, He is the one I've missed.
He calls out to me. Calling me home.
He loves me so freely. For I am his own.

He wishes me well the journey
to the place he has prepared by his fire.
He wishes me to return to him
and to the place of his never ending desire.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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