I Run With You

Oh Lord God...
My passion breaks forth the lusts of my youth for you.
Help me to win as many as I can.

To take hold of those I can't.
To strengthen and uplift and give praise to your name.
I pray.

Lord God...
The sparrows flight of righteousness.
I pray straightness in my days.

I seek to grasp that which I cannot attain.
But with you, I must and will.
You High Shepherd, are chief among these hills.
You are Highlander forever.
I run with you, but when I am weak; carry me.
I faint Lord,
Hold me and carry me forward.

I long for the sweet abyss of your love.
Lost in foreverness.
True to my heart.
Never depart.
For thine is the kingdom.


Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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