Knead, Knead, Knead you thrifty bakers

Knead the world into a harvest of submission
Plough the ground with fallowness and hatred
And till up the stony ground with false love

Oh ye bakers of a lost and dying world

Oh ye makers of a would- be perfect world
You, lesser gods called now and chosen
Knead the world into a harvest of submission

Flatten and spin, knead, knead again

Full of the zeal and fire of your spirit
Powder and fold, flatten, form and mold
Knead knead and knead again

You bakers of the harvest, bakers of the world

You makers of a maelstrom of envy and hate
Bake the cake of forgetfulness and sin
Make straight the way for Lucifer's den

Bakers you are, and leaven in act

Kneading the world to the knowledge of loss
Suffer the rich, and bring lower the poor
Bake all you want, but you shall burn in Abbadon

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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