If you are what you are,
then do you insist on trying
to be someone else entirely?
If life for you is just living,
then why do you insist in finding,
something new to do consistently?
And why am I so bored?
Why is there no room in life for the
things that are important?
Only for the urgent, the screaming
and for the entertaining.
Things that actually matter are pushed
away like an unwanted step-child.
Things that have no bearing whatsoever
in the face of eternity, get done first.
Why was it a cross?
And why was it 33 AD?
why not the 1500's?
Why not now?
Why not a guillotine?
Why not 1,000 BC
Why not a burning at a stake?
And why not now?
Why not electrocution?
Why not here?
Why not now?
Why not me?

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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