My Captain

You are Jehovah the almighty Rock of Ages.
Fortress of faith. Towering wonder.

Your castle is high and Impregnable, Impenetrable, Immovable.
Your warehouses are full and overflowing.

Your streams are uncrossable.
The Leviathan hides your treasures.

A safe refuge in time of trouble.
You are my rampart, my battlement, my cairn, my fort.

Your archers can split a hair in two.
Your fiery chariots are no match for anyone.

You assemble your army from among the stones,
So that no one may march against you.

You establish your castle forever on your isle of glass.

Camelot, no... Heaven is your dwelling place.

And to you do I run.

You are the General and the Captain of the Faith.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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