Risen Lord

Just as I am here now and forevermore,
So is Jesus Christ the risen Savior.
Both of my reasons I live my life for him,
Because of his love and my love for him.
The life you live is sweet but then gone.
Live it quickly or slow, but please the Son.
Pillars of strength are rivers of weakness.
In the light of the world without Jesus.
Your heart and your mind and your Spirits sight
Belong to God the Father and God the Light.
Earrings, make-up, fast cars, shopping malls, death.
Living in materialism and lostness and sin yet.
Grace and truth and love and faith and the word are
Alive and growing towards each other and towards us.
Everything in the world will one day perish
And all that will be left will be the invisible
Heaven and Earth will pass away,
But his word will never change.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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