Thoughts in the tunnel
(Further down the bloodied path)

As I stare out the tunnel of light
I see darkness on either side
Darkness of mind, and of knowledge
Darkness of will, captivated by defeat
I will to go there if I would
But there I will never find the life
There is only one light, but varied darkness
A slow hard path I trod
Towards a goal I have never seen or imagined
I feel like I'm falling. I'm falling
I'm falling, that is what I feel
But I am not moved by what I feel or see
I am in agreement with no one but my Lord
Savior and salvation in the vessel of existence
Freedom and joy unspeakable well up within,
When I consider His wonderful deeds.
But when I see the darkness. . . I freeze.
I know that the road I walk is so small.
But I walk it no matter what happens.
By all means if possible, but only one is.
When I fall, I struggle to my feet.
Weary legs, dragging, stumbling forward now.
Fearing the dark, but draw courage from it.
In death I find faith; in horror, joy.

"Taste of me!" it cries. . . the black.
It comes up and licks at my shoes. . . pulling.
I struggle, strive, sweat and drag myself through.
Bloody stumps trod forward now.
I'm almost home, I feel the breeze of eternity.
Calling to me, down this tunnel.
And I travel, I travel the path of my Savior,
Following the shadow and the cross,
On the bloodied path, I travel home.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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