We are grinding

Living Living Living on the outside
Grind Grind Swimming through time
Trying Trying Trying for the right time
Try try try as we might
we can never without him see it to the other side
Find Find seek and you'll find
Jesus Jesus he's on our side
Remind your mind that he's on our side
Father Father he is our guider
True True the word is all true
Hate Hate wisdom and you'll hide her
Just as the sky is still blue
love knowledge and hate sin
living free and holy and being born again.
Try try to do it on your own now
Your gonna surely fail and wind up facing Hell
try try trying for the right time
you'd better do it now before there's no more time
living living living on the inside
fly fly soaring up above
Freedom laughter living within Jesus
The Holy Spirits falling. Landing like a dove
But try try to do it on your own
you'll just end up falling calling hell your home.
You're living living living on the outside
grind grind dying in time.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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